1920 - 1960 / 3D Models

Hi there!

For a new project i need 3D models that i can use onto my video.
360 individual video’s that i can import into my editing program to overlay my video.

The base layer of the video is ready. I must add 5 more (pictures)video’s before release.
Here’s a preview that u guys can see what i mean:

Everything is moving from an old postcard to “real” video footage of that time.
But to fill up the space i need some 3D models that i can import into a layer that i’m moving in post.


  • The cloths style u can see in the picture with the tram -
  • The picture’s are deticated between 1940 and 1960 -

4 different men - walking
1 men - riding a old bike
5 different men working ( hammer, chop the ground, carrying buckets with dirt , … )

2 different females - walking
1 female - cleans the floor

2 kids running around

  • 2 kids playing with each other )

3 different cars - driving
1 riding train
1 riding tram

If u need more information u can type it right here.
And i hope some people can work this out for me, and doing 3D modeling for other video’s.

Must need to entry this project:
A basic preview of 3 above models

The export of this 3D models are not to be super realistic
Just to fill up the video with some movements.

If u need some inspiration, i can send u some links


There are some really good 3D model creators on Envato Studio if you are interested.