180cm x 90cm (6ft x 3ft) Live Band/Nightclub Poster Required

Hi Guys,

I need to find a 6 foot x 3 foot sized live band poster, for a Shania Twain tribute band I play in so the nightclub can promote us. But all I have found so far on the Envato sites are 6inch x 4inch flyers… This is a million times too small to be blown up to the size I need. Or do I have this all wrong? Can someone please clarify, or point me in the right direction of finding some sparkly gold nightclub theme where I can insert our Shania Twain girl/likeness, and have it perfectly rendered at my large 6foot x 3foot size for quality printing onto vinyl/pvc banner?

Hello :smiley:

I would assume that if the graphics are all done in vectors, there should not be a problem blowing up a flyer that big. Where you will have a problem is with any jpg images which would look really bad if stretched that large.

If you find a flyer you like, you’re certainly welcome to contact the author to see if they think there will be any problems with blowing up the flyer to 6 feet. There is a contact form for every author on the right side of their profile page.

Hope you rock the venue :metal:

Thanks very much KingDog. Yes, I’ll definitely be contacting the authors when I find one I think might work to see what they say about it. I’ll keep looking… awesomeness everywhere!

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Vector file is size compatible. Otherwise Ratio is fact.

Thanks Hasan. But I don’t understand what you mean.