18 PSD-s Template - Rejected, I Need Experts Opinion

Hello everyone,

My last three templates were hard rejected with the same message:

Your template has a good start, unfortunately, due to our high
requirements your template is not ready for the PSD template category.
This would be better suited as a Site Templates, it has potential to be
accepted but it may require more improvements before it’s approved under
another category. When submitting this item as a Site Template, please
make sure to note this to the reviewer. Your are not providing an
unpleasant template but the PSD category requires higher quality in
terms of aesthetics.

Even if my every next item was much better then previous i always get this same message.

So i don’t know should i try to improve this design at all? I already lost too much time making it and as it is rejected i earned 0 money, so i am not going to make new template again, and risk to earn 0 again and lose 1-2 months. I got at least 8 templates rejected already.

Here are the screenshots of my template:

I would really appreciate if some expert and very experienced TF author would give me his opinion on design, and tell my is there any way to i improve it and make it get approved.

All the best,


Anyone, please i need your feedback

How the template can be so bad that is hard rejected, but again no one can give me any suggestion about what could i improve?

Anyone, any comment?

Hey, Marko!

Everything looks clean and well-designed, i see that you’ve put a lot of efforts in each page, but i think everything on every page is too small.

May be it’s just me, but i can’t see nothing below header and slideshow, it’s very hard to read.

I think it could be the main reason you’re getting rejected - readability, the main purpose of everything that’s created for reading purposes should be easy to read.

Sometimes you need just one small step to get approved. Good luck! :smile:


Thank you very much for feedback :smile: I think you are right. I will make everything more readable. Do you think there is something more that i could improve?

I will post screenshots here when i improve design. Thank you once more for feedback :smile:

HI Marko, well indeed for me that’s a bit confusing on what your work actually is … u said a 18 pages psd and we are expecting a brochure or something and in the end this is a site design template but i think that this is not the problem anyway, as for what i know, and unless i failed to do something with your preview system, indeed, this is impossible to read anything rift next to vignettes and eve the vignettes do not look outstanding indeed … i think that if u can change this, u’ll end u with a clean and clear work that will probably make it :wink:

I agree with the other feedback. The text is very small and the main text is too light. My screen resolution is 1366 x 768.

Thank you very much everyone, i really appreciate your help.

Text size is definently reason for hard rejection. I will improve that and maybe work more on aesthetics.

If someone think i should improve something more besides text, feel free to comment.

better you should coded to html

good luck


Thanks for advice. I want to code it to html and also to wordpress, but i want to get this template approved in psd category first so i can be sure it will be approved in html and wp category.

Hello everyone!

I have improved the font size. And i have made a lot more improvements focusing on aesthetics and UX. Also i have added “Latest Vehicles” section to the home page.

So, this is rejected design main page:

And this is redesigned main page:

Now i will redesign other 17 pages, and maybe make few more new pages.

What you say, is this going to be accepted? :smile:

Anyone? :smiley:

HI Marko,
you should change the color of text below the title to have better contrast, the current color you are taking very difficult to read.
Good luck!

Hi zen2p,

Thanks for feedback :smile: I will improve that.

Anyone think i should improve something more?

No one have some critique? So its ready for TF? :slight_smile: