16 tracks submitted - 15 hard rejected. What am I doing wrong?

Hey Peeps, I’ve submitted 16 tracks so far and had 15 rejected. They are largely orchestral with some electronic or indie things too. Here’s a playlist of the 15: https://soundcloud.com/user-663120520/sets/submitted

What am I missing here? Wrong genre? Too short? Just not good enough quality?

Any insights appreciated!

Howdy. What libraries are you using for the orchestral parts?

It sounds very good. I am wondering if you submitted all together, or perhaps in the wrong category.
I don’t see any sound issue or length . So I guess the problem is with usability or amount of tracks in those categories.

Hey @BabelMusic !
It’s very difficult to comment all this track! Very sorry for rejections.
There are some very good ideas and also the sound is good, especially guitars and orchestra.
Some ideas, some sounds and timing are too strange and sophisticated. I know that we want to have a unique sound but sometimes it’s better to look a simpler sound.

All the best.

Hi @BabelMusic, it’s too much to comment. Pick 2/3 tracks and ask again.
There’s certainly some interesting stuff and potential. In general I would suggest you have to get to the point earlier and there are some timing issues for sure.

Thanks for the replies. I guess I try to keep it a little more unexpected. Most of these tracks were written to brief for advertising hence the odd timings. Still, I was surprised that they were all rejected. In any case, thanks for the feedback.

Oh and Abandon87 in answer to your question my main orchestral libraries are LASS for lead strings, some sonokinetic for loops and good old EWQL Orchestra for brass and winds.