16 days waiting for answer from Reviewers!!!

Hello everyone, I have uploaded an WordPress Theme with 16 days ago, by the time I don’t received answer from Themeforest Reviewers.

Can someone explain to me why we have waited so long to get an answer? I am aware that many projects are uploaded, but not even 16 days to receive a reply no, really?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You will be amazed :sweat_smile: http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest

try asking it here -> [ThemeForest] Envato Review Times

The link MNKY posted is what you want to look at.
Currently it’s an average of 4 weeks for WordPress themes to be reviewed. Unfortunate, really.

Yep just submit and wait. Start working on your next item. We almost completed an entirely new item in the time it took for our last theme to be submitted and approved.

Stay away from any company that does not offer “one on one” support like a “ticket” system where they at least have a running account of the banter between you and a rep. If you have to go into a forum to get advice, the product is worthless. This is the lesson I have learned again and again. You might say “But 80% of all theme and plugin companies are like that”. Believe me, AVOID them all. If you need them in an emergency, they will not be there. I pay $29 for six months platform support and the response time is about 12 to 24 hours. Plugin, theme or script support should be free first six months then $10 to $15 for next six months.

Yes, it’s really amazing. :scream::anguished:

Yes, you are right. By the way we are working on new item. Good luck further… :wink:

Six months of support is free, just so you know. Sounds like you may have bought an additional six months to give you a year.

As for the response time, although there are exceptions, most themes are created by individuals or small teams that may not have the facility to provide 24 hours support. If they work standard business hours, and you were to contact them at 5:10pm, then it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for you to get a response at least 16 hours later.