$16.50/m Promo

I want photos such as bulldozers, excavators, rollers, low beds, graders etc…for my website. I would like to know if I will be able to download all of them for free if I enroll in the $16.50/m promo?

Thank you!

You will be able to access all of the content on Elements :grin: Please remember that GraphicRiver is different than Elements. You should search Elements to see if it has all the things you’re looking for.


That’s where the confusion comes. It’s difficult to know which one is which. I would appreciate if you can give me the link to elements.

I appreciate your response, many thank.

Please don’t bother, I have found the address. And to my greatest delight, I have found all the photos I would like to download. You have been more than helpful - KingDog.


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Perfect! :grin:

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Hi There,

Does the $16.50 includes the music in audio Jungle? I bought the subscription from Audio Jungle and it seems I cannot download my favorites. I already ask twice and had my tickets and its weird because its’ been 48hrs already and I don’t get an answer. I had a quick response usually with this company before.

If you can answer me through this thread that would be great.



Hi Mike,

The subscription you have bought is not for Audio Jungle, but for Envato Elements, which has a small selection of AudioJungle tracks, around 12 000 ish tracks. You can see the full list of tracks available here: https://elements.envato.com/audio/royalty-free-music

Support are struggling with a lot of tickets lately, so that might be the reason you have not got any reply yet. If you have not downloaded anything you should be able to get a refund if you want that.

Hope it helps.


Then you guys are not transparent. The 16.50 is visible in my audio jungle so i have to cancel that for sure.

Yes I agree, it is not very clear. And you are not the only one being confused by this. Hopefully actions will be taken to fix this. Thanks for your feedback.


It’s quite misleading indeed, @mjdloquellano. I’m truly sorry for any troubles this might have caused you. For months, we authors have been asking not to show the promotional banner in any of the markets as it’s clearly leading to confusions.

Hope you find a solution promptly!

Best regards,

So true I am one of the victims. I love Audio Jungle. Hopefully they are competitive with the current market.

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