153! days... World Record!

I totally disagree with you.
They know very well which item has been on the waiting list for the longest time. When starting the workday if the first clip to be reviewed is waiting at 150 days, then this should be the average wait time. And if he really took measures to change this situation, with the passage of weeks and months the waiting time would gradually drop.
What good is it, in October, for example, they say that the average time in the last 7 days of review is 30 days, if I have clips on the waiting list for more than 7 or 8 months? does not make sense!

That is how they work it. But the first clip to be reviewed is waiting 111 days, so that’s what the average is.

Which is has been. It was going up rapidly, then gradually, then slowly, then it stopped going up, and now it’s slowly going down.

Well that’s going to be no more accurate than the way they do it currently. How long you have been waiting doesn’t have a massive influence on how long you will be waiting. Just like a 30 day average wait means you might be in the queue for 7 or 8 months, as you say… a 7 or 8 month average wait tells you nothing about when your item will get reviewed, there’s nothing to say it might not take a year or two years. Unlikely, but neither approach is foolproof, and neither is going to give you an accurate picture of exactly how long your item will take to review.

Sure, the ‘how long the longest items have been waiting’ approach would be more accurate for some, but less accurate for others. The 111 day people would be saying… “well it said 150+ days, what’s that all about?”. A beneficial inaccuracy, so less of a concern, but still an inaccuracy.

Maybe they should just ditch the page altogether.

How is it that the waiting time is 111 days, if there are several authors with items with more than 5 months waiting? Even being between a period of 7 days how is this possible? How do they get to that number?
Would not it be better and more correct to put the revision time of the first item that is for review? Even 500 days.
These numbers are a way to deceive the authors because they will not have their items reviewed in the anticipated time frames or so, whoever like me has hundreds of items at more than 5 months waiting is being deceived because they are putting other authors and items to our front.
This is hopeless. They have to clear this up once and for all.

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Unexpectedly … Today examineds a few footage. One was submitted for consideration 156 days ago, one sent yesterday, one sent in May and two sent in June))) … I did not understand)))

120 days… :smile:
What a huge loss of time and prestige …

You’re still thinking about this too linearly! Here’s two things to think about…

  1. It was 107 days, which means the people who got their stuff reviewed, uploaded at the end of March. It’s now 120 days, so the people that got their stuff reviewed this week, uploaded their stuff in the middle of April. Or thereabouts. If nobody uploaded anything in the first two weeks of April, then the queue would automatically go up by two weeks (after a week anyway, to clear the 107 day stuff that would still be influencing the average), because there was nothing from 108 days to 119 days with which to influence the average.

Now the odds of that happening are close to zero, but I’m just trying to point out that there are so many variables that can alter the estimated review time… and not all of them can be influenced by Envato.

  1. Some people have stuff in the queue for 5 months. That’s 150 days. When the people who have been waiting 150 days have their stuff reviewed, the majority of the numbers used to calculate the estimated review time, will be around 150… so the average will be around 150. If people are waiting that long, then the queue can only go up before it comes down.

This forum needs a dislike button just for your posts.

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That’s unfair… maradonas_land is just expressing his concerns over the review times. He has a right to his opinions.

i was actually talking about you, Space.

You don’t say?! :smiley:

Never underestimate the power of denial…

Irony is not your thing, my friend…

This is so confusing …
I can’t believe we are still arguing about that. Nothing is being done for months and the queue is getting longer and longer right now. It took 15 days in 2 days …

And if something is being done by the staff, we want to know what they are doing. Because they are apparently not doing it correctly. We are the contributors, without us there is no Envato.

Everything @SpaceStockFootage is correct. I would have thought people here were capable of understanding how a queue works and how averages are drawn from them, but this post clearly shows otherwise.

The average review time only represents items that were approved that week - by no means does it influence or affect how fast items still in queue will be approved. In other words, you can’t use the average to determine when your pending item will be approved. It’s not possible. If you think these numbers are here just to deceive you, then you clearly demonstrate your lack of understanding on this concept.

It’s also impossible to tell that Envato is “not doing anything to improve queue times” without seeing the real numbers in the queue. The average cannot be used to determine this, because it is only an average and an average is too easily influenced by a large number of factors.

Please remember that these numbers are “average review times for items approved in the last 7 days,” not “estimated review times for items currently in queue.”

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Also, I’d love to point out some statistics for you all.

On July 7, 2017:

  • A total of 156 items were approved into Stock Footage (not including reviewed but rejected items).
    • It is ranked #4 in terms of number of items per day approved.
  • These items totalled 49 GB in size. That’s a lot of downloading from remote locations for the reviewers.

Maybe in the future I can give even more details, like how many total minutes the reviewers spent watching stock footage. :slight_smile:

But it looks to me like they’re pretty busy at work.

156? Seriously? Haha that’s not a lot a lot at all, no wonder there is a 120 days review queue …

The issue may very well be the large file sizes. They have to download each file to make sure it is okay, I’m quite certain. How fast can you download 49 GB? Then extracting all of that adds time as well.


126 days… I think we can officially announce that we have the guiness record in Stock Footage Market!

Well it was 134 days a few weeks ago.

Why 126 days? … In fact, 159 days.))))