153! days... World Record!

With this kind of review time, they clearly giving the message “do not upload new items”.
Is it ever possible to think any other way?

I am really amazed that people are still uploading new work with this kind of review time.

133 days…

So you upload in the Summer, and if you are lucky, you learn the result of the review in Winter (which can also be a big “refuse” for sure).

Envato, you think this is NORMAL?

There are already in this forum several topics to criticize the time of review of the videos sent. I think it’s time we got together and together we do something to reverse this situation. For example, make a petition with signature of all the authors who feel despised by the treatment given by the company Envato / Videohive. If we do not do anything this shame will continue

A cost versus benefit analysis, showing net gains for Envato, would probably have a lot more impact than a petition. But as they’re a multi-million dollar company, I’d be surprised if they haven’t done one already. Don’t get me wrong, I think four months is pretty crazy as well, but it’s not like they’re not already aware that everyone is less than thrilled with the current review times… so I’m not sure how much value a petition would bring.

One week after my posting, 134 days … Obviously ENVATO is working, as they say, hard at solving the problem … (background laughs) …:joy:[quote=“Maradonas_land, post:1, topic:110945, full:true”]
I’m not uploading more videos to VideoHive, it’s a real shame. I was very excited, I was doing quite well (I reached 300 sales yesterday!), But, unfortunately, and much to my regret, it is no longer worth it.
What kind of emotion do you think generates in the contributor to know that if I upload a video today, I will have to wait half a year to know if I was blessed to have it approved?
133 days is a real disrespect to the contributor.

128 days now. So it went up one day in the week since you started the thread, and then it went down by six days just a day later… so yeah, they’re obviously not working hard at all (background laughs) …:joy:

This review is a scam. Is not true. it’s a shame. I have videos waiting 5 months from the start of the week as it is possible to have reduced 6 days from one day to the next.
Poor Envato thinks his collaborators are sleeping.
What a shame!

On the face of it, it’s easy to see why you would think that way, but queues are very complicated things.

It clearly states that the numbers listed are average wait times over the last seven days. So firstly, there’s going to be a range in the numbers to arrive at the average. it could be 120 days for the guy who gets his stuff reviewed on Monday, and it could be 136 for the guy on the following Sunday. Secondly… your 150 days isn’t included in the calculation, because it hasn’t been reviewed yet. When it is, then it will be included, but you probably won’t be that bothered by then as your item will have already been reviewed.

I have no reason to doubt that the data used to create that page is correct… but if it says 128 days, then nobody should expect that their item will take exactly 128 days to be reviewed. It’s more of a ‘for your information’ type thing, as it’s impossible to know exactly how long your item will take, especially as there may be thousands of files waiting between your item and the 128 day guys item.

Really? Now it only takes 128 days? Amazing!:grinning:

This count is not correct and only serves to cover the eyes to the collaborators.
I put videos practically every day, it is difficult to fail some, and if this count had correct my items should disappear faster during this week. Instead the 5 months have passed. it’s a shame!
The number of days does not stop increasing because it does not interest them. Working hard they say …

So if 128 days isn’t correct, then how many days was the average review time over the last seven days?

Envato should stop accepting new authors and stock footage until they get this damn review time down to 7 days. They should also review same authors footage once one reach the top, it would make the review time way faster. They should put top sellers in front of new small authors in the review queue because they have a sale history. So many things that Envato is not doing well …

They need to do something because they are making money with OUR work and they treat us like [Please do not use inappropriate language on the forums.] … so come on! 130 days is not acceptable … Right now they talk and talk but we don’t see anything different from the past 1 year.

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Now 122 days!
The question is, if in 2 days it decreased 6 days to the waiting time should not I feel this effect on my page?
In my dashboard my clips continued to wait for more than 5 months.

It will have an effect on when your item is reviewed, but you won’t experience that effect until that happens. Until you’re item is reviewed, you won’t experience anything different than normal.

If there are 25,000 items in the queue, and it’s taking 130 days to review them all, reviewing the same author’s footage all at once is still going to take 130 days. Some will benefit from the change, some will lose out… but overall, review times will average out to be the same.

Then when they start accepting files again, author’s upload the hundreds of thousands of files that they couldn’t previously… and the queue goes right back up again. It wouldn’t stay seven days for long at all. A gradual decrease would be better.

It is coming down, and pretty rapidly as well. It was at a peak of 135 days just over a week ago, and now it’s down to 122 days. Things are looking up!

I continue to say that this count is a fraud. And that only serves to cover the eyes to the collaborators.
I ask: if I put videos almost every day why are not my items reviewed also every day.
The files are not all on the same waiting list?

On average, if you upload a video every day, then yes, you should have a video reviewed every day… the exceptions being weekends and days where you might have nothing reviewed and other days where you might have two items reviewed, as it’s unlikely exactly the same number of files will be reviewed every day.

But have you been uploading one file a day for over five months?

As I said before, practically put between 15 to 20 videos a day and sometimes more. On average in these 5 months I only missed one day a week. I have almost 500 videos that have already been waiting for 4 months, and all the others are behind

So as soon as your videos start getting approved, you’ll have ‘practically put between 15 to 20 videos a day and sometimes more’ reviewed every day. Which will be nice.

118 days … Come on, Envato! You can do it, we need you to do it in a week, come on! You can do it!

I have not had any items reviewed today.
Is not it a bit strange since in the last 3 days the review time dropped 16 Days?
Either they will forget me, or I am being harmed or the wait time Envato presents is wrong.

I’m tired of making me dumb.