153! days... World Record!

Also, I’d love to point out some statistics for you all.

On July 7, 2017:

  • A total of 156 items were approved into Stock Footage (not including reviewed but rejected items).
    • It is ranked #4 in terms of number of items per day approved.
  • These items totalled 49 GB in size. That’s a lot of downloading from remote locations for the reviewers.

Maybe in the future I can give even more details, like how many total minutes the reviewers spent watching stock footage. :slight_smile:

But it looks to me like they’re pretty busy at work.

156? Seriously? Haha that’s not a lot a lot at all, no wonder there is a 120 days review queue …

The issue may very well be the large file sizes. They have to download each file to make sure it is okay, I’m quite certain. How fast can you download 49 GB? Then extracting all of that adds time as well.


126 days… I think we can officially announce that we have the guiness record in Stock Footage Market!

Well it was 134 days a few weeks ago.

Why 126 days? … In fact, 159 days.))))

Well that depends on what question you’re asking. If you’re asking ‘what was the average waiting time for all the items that were reviewed in the last seven days?’… then the answer would be 126 days. You’re asking ‘how long have my items been in the queue?’, which is why the answer is 159 days. You could ask ‘what is the average amount of time that each item currently in the queue, has been in the queue?’ and the answer would probably be around 85 days or so. None of them are incorrect, they’re just answering different questions that have different answers.

The answer that you all really want, is to the question: ‘how many days will it take for my item to be reviewed?’ and unfortunately, nobody knows that. But what I do know is, based on how queues work and assuming the numbers provided are accurate… is that your 159 days will increase by one day every day, and the 126 days will also gradually increase, but at an indeterminable rate… until eventually, the review time will be exactly the same as your waiting time; at which point, your item will be reviewed. That’s as accurate as it’s going to get unfortunately.

146 days for my last video reviewed

Evolution of review quenue waiting time graphic of stockfootage from last year 25/5/2016 to today. today 137 days a new record.

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And why not a year? We’re almost halfway through that!

That is ridiculous …

153 daYS.


Where are the defenders of this ridiculous? I think they should feel shame. Appear! I need to laugh a while with you!

One day we gonna see 365 days, so we can upload Christmas footage a year before ! That’s actually a good idea !

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Two months after the last posting on this thread … 153 days, I have videos waiting 6 months ago! That some reviewer sees them. Regrettable. Videohive happened to be an unreliable company and that mistreats its contributors, it is not serious.

four months is still unacceptable. the review time in pond5 is seven days…

now it says 148 days is very sad …but anyway it is not truth for me , my videos are waiting for 183 days and counting

And it’s a few days on another site, and approaching a year on another site unless you email them and complain. Apples and oranges.


for a 500 million company, 4 months and no official response is unnacceptable :frowning:


Forgive me if anyone here is already aware of this, but there was an announcement made about a month ago regarding changes to the VH stock footage queue. Probably best to jump over to the official announcement thread and keep all feedback in the same place. :thumbsup:

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