15.000 Sales!

According to my calculations, I will have those when I am 75 years old! Not bad at all!

Thanks for viewing!


haha! you caught me! :smile:
I thought we have new champion :slight_smile:

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And you’re not even in your seventies yet?

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If you can calculate it - you can do it! :smiley:


Too funny!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah, you got me too :joy:
But on a serious note, your music is awesome, obviously!! Keep them coming and one day they gonna feature you for sure…which is a game changer.
PS: I wish I was so productive during my 1st year…

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yep, that is reality :slight_smile:

That’s a good news :wink:


You got me, LOL. :smile:

lol, by my calculations I will have 0 sales by then :laughing:

Hahaha cool. Congrats btw. More grease to your elbow :wink:

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I wont reach that ever hahaha…maybe my daughter will see my account hit 1,000 sales somewhere around the year 3080…

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:joy::joy: congratulations to everyone that will still be around! :sweat_smile::thumbsup:

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No doubts you will get that number way sooner!

And Congratulations on almost 1000 sales! :sparkles:

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Paypal require $50 minimum to withdraw. According to my calculations, I will be able to make the first withdraw when I am 5 years old! Not to bad as well.

Haha, wise words, Major! :smile: :+1:

for me u are coming from other planet lol so what can i say ? HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT indeed :slight_smile: GL for more again