140 DAYS of review and...Reviewer thought that usefulness is not enough :)

140 DAYS of review and…Ok am elite and I am pro filmmaker so i don’t need advises here from am’s, i assume that many others experienced the same case here. here is the footage from sony a7sMarkii with stunning noise to level ratio and 3-axis Steadicam. Link removed Ok people in London and in other countries don’t need city block at night in top notch quality… this is a big joke… some student reviewers deciding the future of media… no it would go another way. … thank you!

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I would have rejected it. Sure… it’s pretty well shot, you can tell it’s a decent camera, steadicam needs a bit of work, the content isn’t too bad, but there is a certain amount of “but what purpose does it serve?” going on when I watch it. I guess the proof in the pudding would be… in the three to four months it’s been live, how many times have you sold that similar clip? If it’s never sold, or it’s only sold once, then maybe it’s not that big a joke after all.

Based on your portfolio, you would have been much better going for a “Car POV - Night” item. Smell what sells!

If every well shot would be rejected, stock market will be made of ****. I would not write purposes of this shot, because there are a lot of them. I am collector 4 level also and know that abstract shots of elite residence are wanted. I have very little percent of items without sales. end

But they’re not rejecting every well shot clip. They’re rejecting every well shot clip that lacks commercial value. That doesn’t automatically mean they’re accepting badly shot clips just because they have commercial value.

And you’re right, you do have a low percentage of clips that haven’t sold… but that also means that you do have a certain percentage of clips that lack commercial value. I’m sure you thought those clips might sell, or you wouldn’t have uploaded them… so is it outside the realms of possibility that this is one of those clips that you feel has commercial value, but it actually doesn’t?

how can student know commercial value lol

Insulting people does not make them more likely to help you, an author of your level should know this.

It’s not easy, it takes time… but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.