14 tracks submitted - all tracks hard rejected. What are the specific fixes?

I’ve submitted 14 tracks and had all tracks rejected.

Late 2 Tracks

Just not good enough quality?

What are the specific fixes?

Any insights appreciated!

Please Teach Me!!!

Things aren’t in key, the mix down isn’t great and where have you got the vocals and loops from?

Thanks Reply!

I’m not good at English.
Things aren’t in key = Tonality?

Vocals and All Loops from “splice sounds”.

the mix down isn’t great…
Mixdown is very difficult.

I use Ozone and Neutron.
I Study the basics of mixdown.

Thank you giving me such a good advice!!!

They’ve got potential!

Personally, I think there is too much going on at once which can be very distracting if the track is used behind a video with dialogue. Also, some of the sound samples you are using are weak and dated like the kick and snare and the cymbal crashes.

Try simplifying everything and focus on using good samples.

Good luck!

Thanks Reply!

This is too messy. It’s not a simple sound-design.
I felt a little like that.

I didn’t even think about it

Thank you, that feedback means a lot to me!!!

Avoid makin tracks out of loops firstly. Using a loop or two is fine for say percussion but making a whole track this way makes it hard to make harmonies, counter melodies etc. Writing gives you a lot more flexibility.

Start using instruments such as Kontakt libraries, writing parts that melodically complement each other and just practice mixdowns and keep striving to get better. There’s a lot of music on here and to get sales the standard has to be pretty good.

Thanks reply again!
Your feedback means a lot to me!!!