14 Days ago - project submitted


Good Morning :slight_smile:

I submit my project after soft reject, but the project after edits has beed submitted for 14 days ago !
and there’s no any answer until this moment !

What should I do ? since there’s no direct contact with the review team ?

Thank you


Hi @ExpressPlus,

Are you sure it hasn’t been approved/rejected in the meantime? 2 weeks for resubmission sounds unusually long, take a look at your e-mail SPAM folder just to be sure :slight_smile:


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As you can see :slight_smile:

How can I contact them directly ? or Are there any management here in the forum ?


Wow. There are mods actively posting here, I’m pretty sure they will pass the info if needed or post some clarification :slight_smile:


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You can use this form to submit a ticket https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
But as I see it’s “(New)”, rather than “Resubmission”.

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Make sure you resubmit by Editing in the Hidden Tabs (it should be shown as Resubmit) Not New as your provided screen.
With your provided capture, it seems to me that you upload your item as a new item, not a resubmission --> the system will treat your submission as NEW.

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Ops, Thanks a lot :slight_smile: