120 Second Review Process?

So I had just finished working on my latest project for GraphicRiver. It took about two and a half days to finalize (not counting the 3d modeling of it of course). Submitted it to GraphicRiver for the 3D Renders category. Then literally 2 minutes later it was rejected.

I’m mainly confused that it’s at all possible to review any item in 120 seconds. The item consisted of 5 layered PSD files, that even I will take about 10 minutes to go over for a final check.

My item was rejected, but it could not have been reviewed in 2 minutes.

Did you submit all the other relevant elements like documentation etc?

You can always share demo/previews here too if you want feedback

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3D Renders category do not require documentation.
I don’t mind sharing previews, but how is it relevant? It was “reviewed” in 2 minutes literally.

Are you sure there’s no need for documentation etc.? That’s the most common cause of very rapid rejection.

All other technical requirements met?

Yes, This is how all my submissions into 3D Renders category in the past were structured.
All requirements met. Un-reviewed in 2 minutes.

Are you upset because of the rejection or it was under 2 minutes?

  • When you uploaded the item, probably the reviewer was online therefor the review didn’t take long time to wait.
  • According to the submission requirements, you may need to submit the documentation ( most of the categories ) but it’s not alone a good reason to get hard-reject ( it should be soft-reject if due to documentation )
  • The main reason why the item is rejected that the reviewer may thought it’s no good for the 3d category ( not because of the file/PSD, because of the design/execution ) but we’re unable to provide the details. What you can do is find another idea and keep uploading the items.

No I’m not upset, I simply refuse to believe that you can judge an item’s quality, and make an informed decision within 2 minutes of its submission. Especially if it consists of 5 layered files.

For your information, there aren’t many soft rejections taking place, whether on GR or Elements. It’s either approved or not. And it makes you wonder, are all rejected uploads so irredeemable? Or is someone simply not bothering because of the added effort?
The last soft rejection I received on GraphicRiver was in July 2nd, 2022 when a reviewer asked I submit before and after shots for a photoshop action.
The last soft rejection on Elements is a lot older than that.

They don’t usually check the layers, the preview image if not good enough, they reject the item right away. If it’s good enough, then, they check the details. Different reviewers, different opinions. It’s been discussed before.