12 tracks rejected !!!

Shame!!! 12 tracks of 12 tracks that are rejected pity that itunes has released me . I did an experiment and it is the second time in two years that I reject my tracks .
They did not meet standards … pity he did a record label for 30 years …You are ridiculous !

Maybe commercial usability. Share some of your tracks and you’ll get help from authors.


I agree with Octopusic. Share your music and we can help you to find rejects reason.

Unfortunately, the tracks you released on Itunes are irrelevant in this context, just share some tracks you wrote for AJ so you can get some hints as to what could be wrong.

hi, lots of guys are pretty much hurt by rejections and this is legitimate but unless u give us something to listen this is hard for people to tell u how we feel about all this …

u alos have to understand that there are tons of authors and submissions daily and that the selection is tough no matter what the category is , in addition, difficult to say that this place is inconsistency-free …