12 times rejected. Reason: I don't like your design.

This is the ad template I made. Font, colors, visual hierarchy have changed 12 times.
Someone explain to me the reason for the refusal. Please!


  • probably needs more variations of animations

  • the font choice is not great

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Thanks for reply. But probably is not concretely.
To change animation of all sizes will take one more full of hope day. Whereas other people consider animation attractive.

Probably I can only change the fonts and wait for the good mood of the reviver.

We’re not saying the animation is bad - it’s about making the effort to offer premium value.

Most items like this now come with multiple variations.

Plus with respect if having to invest another day adding to your item is too much to ask, then you have probably found your issue

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It is obvious to think so when the topic name is forgotten.
Anyway thanks I will hope and try further.