12 days no money to Paypal

12 days there is no money on the paypal. What to do, to whom to gaze?

I don’t know… I don’t even know when they are supposed to send it… a while ago I had a mail saying that my payment was "rejected’ (they seem to love this word here :)) simply because I did not reach $50.

This month I am over $50, but I have no idea when they will start the payment procedure…

EDIT: well, it says “You currently have $xx.00 in earnings for next month’s payout.”… But I have no idea when is “next month” :slight_smile:

Payment is always processed on the 15th of the following month.

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Ok I checked my emails and now I got it.

They check the balance at end of month.
If > $50, they pay you 15 days later.

So here, I just reached over $50 on my balance on June 9th, I’ll be paid July 16th.
Makes sense.

The amount is more than 50. But it does not come for 12 days. With the paypal support of peer communication, on their part, everything is fine
5 years was normal, but this time …

What does it says on your Envato payout page? Has the money been sent to your Paypal account?

If your payment was indeed processed and yet you didn’t receive anything in your Paypal account, you’ll want to contact Envato support.

oh ok, then it is different… and you should contact support I guess.
I have only paid once, and it was just after they changed the rules, so I am very very new to all this :slight_smile:

Hopefully Envato support will be able to sort your problem out.

Money was sent, but paypal nothing came