11 Approved Items and 3 Sales in 2018 ... Worried

I had average 15 sales in the month, and it simply dropped to almost 1.

This year I was able to approve all my tracks, 11 in total, and only 3 sales.

Worried about the drastic change in Audio Jungle.

Sorry about my English.


I had 15 sales in February and only 3 in March so far.
Also - from all these 18 only one (!) sale is from US. That is pretty self explanatory in terms of how algorithm is manipulated.
I guess part of “Active content” concept is to completely “deactivate” some authors.


Same here. For last week I have only 1 sale. That’s sad… previously in February there was 7 sales in 1 day! And now it’s going slow. What about new algorithm Active content? You think that there’s a problem?

Same here, only 3 sales in march…

Same here, January and March (so far) were pretty disappointing. Let’s hope things will change.

Since November everything is going down for me…

Wow, i was thinking that they provided Active Content yesterday. But it was already on February.
February was an awesome month for me but i’m a new author.
From March 9 - 2 sales i guess. Kinda sad. AND i don’t know why, but the review time has been increased from 7-8 days to 11-12 for me. So even if i going to create 1 track per day i just cant upload them, because of 5 items limit… I understand that the review-team working hard every day, but this is kinda strange…
Well, we still have half of the month, so let’s wait for the better times. :slight_smile:

Five tracks limit appeared when the queued reached the fantastic number of 33 days.

I find it very strange … Approve 11 tracks and have 1 sale.

My routine was 15 sales for several months, and now only 1 sale? I see in the forum that many other authors also have the same problem.

I do not know what to think.

My average was 45, two big months with 90, now i´m praying to reach 20.
The market is saturated and out of creativity.

I got 30-35 sales in Jan and Feb. Last year was getting 60 a month before the Christmas period. First week of March I got 12 and was thinking I’d make 50+ for the month. The last week only 2 sales. Something is very unusual, especially this week. I’ve uploaded more than normal recently but it doesn’t reflect in sales at all. Very poor sales for the last 10 days. It’s a shame but it’s impossible to build any kind of momentum, a decline in sales when you make more music is not good business.

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Maybe old time authors have had experienced this before.
I remember in an interview AurusAudio said that he had disappointment about sales for a period. And then later everything went back to normal, and sales had increased.

Could this be a similar issue?

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Maybe. I hope so. Because i have only 2 sales in March. Maybe 3… I’m a new author, but February was awesome. Let’s wait for the better times.

There’s always going to be ups and downs but this is not a normal trend. Since I’ve been regularly uploading to audiojungle, which is about a year I haven’t had two weeks quite like this except for right before and after Christmas.

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This month is being like hell as no one sale. This was not happening since 2013 to me


stagnation everywhere! sales dropped in every platform. too much competition…

Spent another week and zero sales … This is definitely not common.

@ALX-MUSIC Same here, bad month and a lot of rejections.
Don’t give up! April will be better.

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@Octopusic really? OMG
Hope April will be better.


Yeah, something’s changed recently. I haven’t been adding new tracks since quite some time and decided to put up some new music this year. 10 tracks have been accepted, but they generated only 2 sales so far and most likely will not bring much more. Seems like things went downhill here. I guess it doesn’t pay off to add any more new music now, at least until you figure out how to generate traffic to your profile :slight_smile:

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