10th rejection in a row. 0 songs accepted

Any ideas whats wrong with this? I sent a message to the reviewer that I would like just any kind of feedback, no matter how short, since I have 0 accepted songs and this is already the tenth rejected song. Just something like “this sucks totally” or whatever. Just have no idea are the stuff I´m putting even worth the time of day and that should I just pack up home. No reply, just the usual, so I feel maybe thats a message in and of itself. Not even worth to use the time to say it sucks, lol.

This piece is supposed to be like a Disneyesque, happy upbeat, family friendly trailer sort of thing. At the end there is like a slower flute duet cause why not.

For good measure I made the two parts as separate. Also I made a slight variation track where I included some sleighbells to make a christmassy tone. I put these all into the same pack. I put in the effort. Reviewer could´nt use 2 minutes of his time to say something short.


Here´s another. Personally I think its a little long winded and the choir is not how I want it really. However I did include a shorter version, which can be heard in the preview.


Moi @Abyss_Audio

I have listened the second track… very interesting and powerful… very good idea!
something weird happens with the tune at 0:29… I think it has an aggressive purpose, I found this cool, but maybe it can seems too “strange” for curators. Maybe they are expecting something more lineal… also I think that melodic line seems a little bit confusing… at 2:37 I think the horns are losing their function, I would keep them in the bass notes, in the first grade of chord, don’t play too much with them… just keep them into the basic notes of the main scale… if not, it seems confusing, you need a more clear melodic line, not mixing too much voices and instruments trying to fight for this role… also, I would take care of drums, also seems to get some main role, moving a lot … but I think you also need some steady rhythm, getting some order feelings.
I don’t know… I just said my opinion…
hope this can help,


i dont like when main instruments are noticably panned to either side, in your case that are violins. maybe you should also check bass levels and rms levels. first track has 80% elements panned to left and thats not good

If you don’t take into account the lack of mixing and mastering, music in general is good, but not for AJ, as it seems to me. It would fit well as a soundtrack to the film, but the AJ needs a little different music, listen to the popular Cinematic tracks and you’ll understand everything. For many authors, the advice that it is necessary to write simpler music is a blow to their creative vanity. But you need to look at it differently. Customers are looking for music that fits well into their project, will complement it, decorate, but this music won’t be the “protagonist” of the video project, it’s background music first of all. This does not mean that it is necessary to approach its creation irresponsibly, that it can be uninteresting and primitive. Try to change the approach to creating music, emphasize the commercial applicability of your musical material. If you have received so many rejections in music in one genre - this is an occasion to ponder, then something should be done differently.


Your “musical instruments” highly aggressive. At the audition, they annoy me. A lot of short sounds. No main theme.

There are a lot of unpleasant dissonances, especially with the bassoon and bass clarinet. All instruments don’t sound very realistic. The orchestration is very thin and messy - if you want to use this specific style, I suggest studying counterpoint and orchestration.

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I noticed I might have been using Fl studios Stereo Enhancer wrong, which might have been the culprit for the panning.

Did you mean the bass levels where to loud, muddy etc? Definitively an issue I can identify in my tracks.

Does RMS refer to dynamic range?

Thanks a lot for your feedback

Percussion is definitively hard for me, I fear them sounding to simple, so I make them overly complicated and messy. Thanks for the long feedback! Appreciate it, kiitos!

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It certainly is a challenging task to make this kind of music. But I just feel more motivated. It does sound too thin now that I listen. I was trying to not make it too muddy, to preserve that happy, upbeat clarity.

Any particular point where you find the bassoon and bass clarinet clashing? I tried mainly to just use chord tones with bassoon, but it maybe got out of hand at the end of the second repetition of the beginning just before the kind of short buildup just before the flute section.

thanks for the feedback

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I was going for a “in your face” style. A lot of repetition though and it can get tedious and annoying. Thanks

In each mix there should be instruments “in your face”, but at the same time there should be “small” instruments with a narrow stereo base and pushed to the background (no lower volume, but the corresponding equalization and reverb). This will create a contrast in the mix and make it deeper.

e.g. the bass clarinet at 0:26 sounds very dissonant.

1st track is good but too busy and not “commercial” enough. I’ve noticed if your track is different in any way and not the “norm” when it comes to commercial music they will reject it. You have way too much going on too, simplify it.

The 2nd track is great, that should’ve been approved in my opinion. Confused why they rejected it, maybe again you need to simplify it, shorten it? Have better drums? I didn’t FEEL the pounding of the drums, they sound weak. Epic track though!

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