10K sales = Elite Autor

Would the 10K sales to be elite author be 10,000 individual sales or sales for USD 10,000?

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HI @3prostudio,

To be elite author need to sale $75k and there is no relataion with total sales count. If you check your earning page there you will find ‘Total value of your sales, before taxes:’. this amount should reach $75K+



Go to your earnings tab > total value of your sales should be greater than 75000$ to become elite.


Ok, I have $6,000 in sales, only $69,000 left :sweat_smile:

you are on the way of Elite Author. :mountain_cableway:

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10k left… 6 years after :sweat_smile:

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I literally left my Envato account as an author in 2017 and this year I’m back, but I’m not alone anymore, I opened a new company with two more partners and from this year I plan to give more focus to my Themeforest product. My first goal is to update my product, once my template is up to today’s templates, I’m going to invest everything I’ve learned about digital marketing in the last 5 years, so don’t be surprised if a year from now my partners and I are elite authors :slight_smile:

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also have a little description to be clear. I left my account 3-4 years ago and back a month ago (i was uplading minimum items to stay above some red line). i had a nice regular job but war had changed everything. and now i will try to complete this “elite author” quest asap)

I am very sorry for what you are going through during the war, I wish you the best of success!!


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honestly and personally I have no words for this war. So many people lost their jobs, peace and … life. For what…

Seeing people like you - fellow artists - who can’t do their creative work makes me angry.

And I will stop here because I don’t want to get vulgar etc.

Wish you all the best man.