1000 sales by WaveToys!



Dear Envato friends! Today I had my 1000th sale on AudioJungle, so I want to share my joy with you!
I had become full time Envato author a couple of months ago, when I had only around 200 sales.
So, things are going well so far and it’s still possible to make a living by doing what you love. Thanks Envato for making this possible! :slight_smile: :beer:


Congratulation Bro ! You do great job ! :+1::champagne::champagne:


Congrats!!! Great work and great music!
I hope to reach you soon!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks mate! :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’m sure you’ll get there soon! :slight_smile:


:trophy:Congratulations!!! Keep up the awesome work!


Amazing how you get that number in just couple months. Congrats!! :smile: :tada:


Congratulations! And the best of luck for your next milestone! :beer:


Congrats mate! :beers:
And thanks for inspiration :facepunch:t2:
42 items and 1000 sales?! You’re a Superman!))
How in the world do you make so many sales with 42 items? :scream:


I deleted arround 15-20 items, I try to leave only the ones that sell, or the ones I personally like :slight_smile:
Other than that, I spend as much time on each track as I can (until I run out of ideas) & I don’t upload anything I don’t enjoy listening myself.
If I try to force something, it sounds fake and unispired, so I don’t do it anymore. :wink:


That’s great!
Thanks for sharing) :blush:


Congrats! :+1:


Very inspiring WaveToys! Congratulations on your success :tada:


Excellent milestone! Congrats and good luck! :clinking_glasses:


congratulations! :smiley:


Congrats @WaveToys! This is a great result, hope you have more sales! :slight_smile:


My congratulations!


Congrats! Great job!


@Wolf_Music @Melodrama_Studio @MidnightSnap @CHEER @MusicLFiles @TheGoldenSound @SmartSounds @WebRa

Thank you guys so much, it means a lot! :slight_smile:


Great job bro! 43 tracks and more than 1000 sels! You know more, than others. Keep doing your high quality work!