1000 Sales and my motivation

After 1 1/2 year I reached a big milestone and want to thank to everybody who put me to this level. My aim is to publish items regularly but sometimes i am failing in this task. I try to keep myself motivating with post its, to do lists (also apps), using gant charts to plan projects or writing aims to the wall which i want to achieve.

Do you guys have any motivational methods or how do you keep yourself motivated? Would be nice to hear some from you.

Thanks for reading!

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Congrats, visconbiz! :smiley:

For me the idea of being able to earn a living doing what I love is motivation enough. The competition on AudioJungle is also a great motivator for me and makes me work even harder. I try and make every new track better than the last :slight_smile:

hey buddy u have been in the same kind of pace as me , congrats for your accomplishment, i am happy for you :wink: GL

as for the motivation goes , i think that if u do not create on a regular basis here, then your sales quickly turn to nothing so i think that this is a good motivational … otherwise, i have to say that being a occasional GR runner also, sometimes when i have a lot of work to do tis is hard to find time to create but as for me the motivation to do is that i am enjoying what i am creating here, unlike what happens in most cases with my regular job, so that’s not hard to find motivation to do lol just finding some time is the real issue indeed

Thanks guys for the interesting input. :smile:

Motivation refers to the initiation, direction, intensity & persistence behaviour. Motivation is a temporal & dynamic state that should not be confused with personality or emotion. Motivation is having the encouragement to do something.

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It’s hard to be motivated when in last few months all of my vectors were rejected. I almost stopped uploading…