100% Similar username issue for me, is this normal ?

Hi Everybody,

What can i do about this subject, can you assist me ?

I am Codestar ( https://themeforest.net/user/codestar ) since 2009 and working full-time for ThemeForest.
I recently saw author using CodestarThemes https://themeforest.net/user/codestarthemes and it is very very similar like my offical account name.

Also I have codestarthemes.com - support.codestarthemes.com I want to avoid the customers conflicts. This is unfair competition. I spent my ten-years for Codestar and one day coming a anyone and using same username.

I am satisfied with CodestarPlugins, CodestarDesign, CodestarWorks CodestarTech, but CodestarThemes reminds me of my account which i had created 9 yrs ago

I am asking you, can i open similar account ? for eg:


That is injustice.

Before start this topic, I contacted Envato Support and Answer:
The author has responded to us, and advised that they have a website registered with the name Codestar and have shown an unwillingness to change this due to the implications that this would have for their site.I do apologise that this was not the outcome you were hoping for and should you ever register a trademark for the name, we will be able to assist with enforcement on our platform.

Regards, Codestar



I must agree, envato should consider NOT TO REPLICATE the username of top authors and should strictly follow the advance algorithm. These minor things can make huge difference, and it’s likely to confuse the buyers. It should be fair enough for each authors who had been constantly working as an author for envato in a long term basis, and should give priority to those authors.


You’re not the only one

This is mine: https://themeforest.net/user/ki-themes
This is some others : https://themeforest.net/user/kithemes

It’s weird that you just noticed it

@Codestar Sir! remember until you play fair and deliver the quality ! No one can beat you!! HardWork with quality always shine like the sun…

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I think that you can use multiple account but tax information same all username (address, telephone, etc). Regards.

I hope Envato can find a solution about this issue in the future.

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