100 Sales With No Rate or Reviews

How can i get rate from customers for products? :slight_smile:

You can ask them nicely to rate your theme/ product after you offer support. If they like your theme/ product and support they can rate it.


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How can he offer support? There isn’t any way to contact a customer. You can connect with a customer only after customer will write to you. On Videohive this happens not often


Yes, as I said, after he offer support.
You don’t have other option.
They come to you for support, and after you can ask them to rate.

The same for me, I have sales but no people on support so I have sales and no rate on some themes.

Good luck

You have 29 ratings, and ONLY 339 sales. It’s impossible to have such a big feedback on Videohive if you have ONLY 339 sales. Themeforest and Videohive are a bit different platforms. On Themeforest, customers are asking to help more often. And notice that most of the items in the portfolio of author of this topic are Motion Graphics Footages. For Motion Graphic customers never ask to help

Yes… i know, but you can’t do anything else …

Maybe in the future, envato will add as notice remainder for purchaser to rate product after X days…

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Thank you for answers guys. i think i have to wait for rate remainder thing :slight_smile: