100 sales on AudioJungle reached!

Hey everybody !

I’ve just reached 100 sales on AudioJungle and I’m so happy to share this with you !!! :tada: :smiley:
Next goal is 1000 sales !!! :rocket:
I’m an exclusive author from 3 months (and a bit) and I feel great being part of this community !!!

Thank you Envato for everything !!!

Wish you all great holidays guys !!!


Congratulations LEXMUSIC !!!:slight_smile:

Great Job !!!

Thank you, DHDMusic !!!

Great job too !!! :raised_hands:

Congratulations @LEXMUSIC! Nice work :thumbsup:

it’s a good news. Congratulation.

Thank you guys !!! :+1:

Congratulations! @LEXMUSIC :+1:

Congratulations :wink:

Great result, @LEXMUSIC. Congrats!

Congratulation @LEXMUSIC :tada: Good luck for more :wink:

Congratulations! I hope I will reach that number too :slight_smile:

Well done!!! I wish I will reach that goal too !!!

Congratulations @LEXMUSIC! :beers::beers:

Congratulations @LEXMUSIC :laughing:

I wish you very soon ! :airplane:

Wish you too very soon :wink:

Thank you all guys !!! :raised_hands:
Wish you all to have great sales and achievements in the next year ! :earth_americas: :rocket: