100% rejection of clips

I have post about 50+ clips to VideoHive in last days. I got 100% rejection because of mostly similar reasons like lack of movement, colors, soft clip, etc. OK. Admit; perhaps I choose bad one.

Lack of movement: I have seen 5 clips on first page, with minimal movement or 0 movement of camera. Only objects are moving. I have been rejected with similar clips. ???

I also like shallow DOF, with F 1.8 to F 2.5, point on most important object on the clip. Got rejected.
Soft clip, not correct focus. I dislike F 22 or equal focus, equal light cross the clip. It looks like cheap plastic then. I like altered colors. All natural colors are boring. But - ok. I will manage to correct colors, since they should not be altered too much. Although I have seen pretty much altered colors on clips accepted on the first pages.

Got rejected on clip where it is clearly seen that is was shoot in the darknes and it should be dark. Rejected because of bad light. ???

But 100% rejection?

I am not new bird on the sky, I have 27K+ clips cross the net. Accepted 80-90% elsewhere. Shocked about 100% rejection here. If only 5% would be accepted here - fine. Nice.

Ouch. Trying again …


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Latest review was a little better. Got 4 accepted. Not briliant, but not bad also.

What is good in this story is very fast reviewers respond. That is very, very nice! :slight_smile: Thank you!