100 items on Videohive and Still Counting!

After more than 2 years joining Envato, I finally have 100 items in Videohive! It was quite long, because at first I had stopped to upload for almost a year. After that I tried to gather more spirits to upload, and I started fighting again here! :muscle:

Thanks Envato for having approved my 100 items on videohive.



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Awelokk !!

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Wow that great. Congratulation @albertusluki :slight_smile:

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Thanks bro!!

Awelook dab!

Thanks bro… :grin:

Well done, good luck with the sales, @albertusluki!

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Congratulations !

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Congratulation @albertusluki :slight_smile: :hamburger:

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Thanks bro!

Thank you!

Thanks brother!

good luck with future sales!! :smiley: