100% GPL listed with split license text file

I purchased and downloaded some themes clearly marked as 100% GPL in the listing, which I have used in external project delivered.

However, inside the zip file there is a text license file with split license (code being GPL and CSS has regular license).

How to deal with this discrepancy. Does the 100% GPL supersede any other inconsistent license.

100% GPL is for the PHP codes, CSS/JS files are not included to the license. It’s been discussed many times on the forum already by the way, you can just search “GPL” to find more information

I understand most items have dual license. I am talking specifically about items market 100% GPL marked as This item is licensed 100% GPL.

The clarifications on 100% GPL marked items have been pretty straight forward that it is as per the GPL licensing and can even legally be resold or redistributed (although i dont intend to )
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Here is collis clarification : In the case of the 100% GPL that includes many rights, such as the right to redistribute or resell.
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Design and jQuery is not included to the 100%GPL. You can use the PHP codes only as you like but you will need additional permission to use CSS/JS files as well as images, too