10 hard rejects in 10 days. Is my account cursed?

I’ve been working on AudioJungle for almost 3 years. Yes, I do not have the most outstanding results, I’m not in the elite and all that. But my musical path is already very long, and in my clients there are such companies as Elle and Adidas (I’m not bragging, but this is what it says about?).
Recently, I wrote a lot of not too cool, but quite working stock music. But now I have 10 rejects in a row! Do the reviewers think that after more than 100 uploaded and sold tracks, I do not understand “commercial standards”? Or now only “top” music will be accepted? So maybe worth describing these standards in more detail, and not rely on the subjective opinion of the reviewers?

Important! I do not want to say that I scold the market, or its employees, but I’m really at a loss.

Sometimes we can all lose objectivity about our deeds. Maybe that’s what happened to you.
Would you like to upload some of your rejected tracks? Maybe some comments can help.

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I can not use Soundcloud for this, because there are my albums there, sorry.

Make the tracks “private” and they will only be seen where you publish them. In this thread.

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Yep, I do not use Soundcloud much, but I find it excellent for this: publish tracks as “private”.
So only those with the URL (that you will give us here) will be able to access your sounds.

Before these “hard rejected” you had a sharp rise in sales? Or are your sales going smoothly all the time?

Are all those tracks in the same genre? Maybe you took a wrong turn somewhere, made all these tracks in an untested way. You could have made one track and tested it on the market and then continue to make others in the same genre. I can only guess because we don’t have any examples so you can give us more details on that. Best wishes!

How could they implement a review system that was objective, rather than subjective? And how could they describe the standards?

It is hard to receive many rejections after doing a hard job to offer your music on this website.
You are right that it is not easy to assimilate but behind this you can always get some good lessons from which you can learn. The reasons why you have rejected the issues can be very varied. Since they (reviewers) think your tracks they are not commercially viable or because they think they are outdated sounds or because the mix is not good enough, because there are too many stoppages and many many more…
I suggest you to watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ0lWGe5cRU

I would also recommend you to post your rejected tracks here so we could give you feedback for them. In best cases just minor changes would improve it so much. And also take into account that everytime your track is rejected there are three reasons given by the reviewer.
1.-Mixing, mastering…poor quality
2.-Arrangment and commercial viability
3.-Both of them

It is very important that you do a good job of coming back after this in order to be strong and keep producing your next songs. :slight_smile:

I have been only approved for 1 corporate track ever, and then I got over 10 rejects, would you please also help me out and point me in the right direction? I really have no idea what is wrong with the tracks.

so, when they say “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”, is this 1, 2 or 3? :slight_smile:

I guess if there is not especial enough reason to reject is overall low quality track so reason number three

Hey guys, I really do not need any obvious advice. It was just a way to “let off steam.” I think many of us need this. In any case, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Very cool! :slight_smile: