$10 Giveaway Vol. 2

Hello people. Again, I have some funds left in my account after the latest purchase. To be more precise $10. I do not need it and therefore am giving it to someone who has not generated much sales with his or her item. Send me your offers.


Hi there, have a look at my template Nixo https://themeforest.net/item/nixo-creative-onepage-template/19282650?s_rank=1
I know it costs more than 10$ but its the only item in my portfolio right now :slight_smile:

Buy some space stuff. You’ll be contributing to the likelyhood of the human race establishing a colony on another world before the Earth is destroyed. A fine legacy if ever there was one… saving the human race.


@AtypicalThemes, I only have $10 in my Envato account.

@SpaceStockFootage, What do you mean? I assume you are joking, but if not, where can one buy space stuff?

Hey Ivan,

that’s a really generous offer of you. :thumbsup: If you still have funds left in your account, I’d appreciate you to check these items:

Thanks very much, Ivan! :v:

@UJ-pro, Checked it all out, but have no idea what to do with audio files? Actually to rephrase my question, how can somebody benefit from audio file?

Yes and no. I presented an exaggerated reason why you should buy a space item, with the intention of making it look like I was giving a funny reason as to why you should buy one of my items. That was the joke… but although exaggerated, it was based on fact.

The Earth will become inhabitable at some point. That’s a fact. It may be in one or two billion years, when the Sun starts to become a read giant before dying out. It could be in a few hundred years from a combination of global warming, environmental disasters, over-population, war, food shortages etc. Or it could be next week when we get struck by a giant asteroid that brings about untold devastation.

When that happens, the human race will become extinct. Our entire history wiped from existence, with absolutely nothing to show for it. Music, art, language, the rise and fall of civilisations, diversity, the struggle for survival, great historical figures, the pyramids, Envato, our first steps on the Moon, Candy Crush, Machu Pichu, Microwaveable BBQ Pork Burgers and ice cold beer… all of the greatest achievements of mankind. We may as well not have bothered.

However, what if we head out into the galaxy? Maybe start with a self-sustainable colony on Mars? It’s then 100% more likely that the human race will survive. Maybe not for the Sun dying out, but by then we would have spread out to the stars. If we can go from horses and encyclopedias just over 100 years ago, to self-driving cars and the internet… imagine what we can do in 500 years or 1000 years. It won’t be clusters of semi-rigid habitats on barren worlds, where your kids need to put on a spacesuit to go out and look up at the sky… we’ll be terraforming new worlds, so your distant ancestors can lie on some kind of space rug, while smoking some kind of space cigarette, and looking up the stars with their cyborg/alien hybrid girlfriend. Or something like that.

But back to the point at hand… why would buying a space item help? Well it’s all about inspiring future generations. Most of the people working at NASA today grew up watching Star Trek, which inspired them to look to the stars, to wonder what’s out there. Take the Hunger Games… kids signing up for archery classes went through the roof when that came out, so popular media, games, films, books, TV shows… can inspire and influence. And with today’s growth of digital, online media, with places like Youtube and Facebook, there’s never been such an opportunity to share information and inspire change.

Those people we inspire will one day be the people who work in the space industry, who write sci-fi books, who make rockets faster, cheaper and more efficient… who create space documentaries that go on to inspire future generations, and they’ll also be the people who have the power to approve funding to make things like this happen. The sooner the human race gets out there, the more chance we have of surviving whatever might end up destroying us.

So you can buy a picture of a beautiful lady, or a set of icons, or a pack of cat related sound effects… and people will say, hey, they’re pretty cool. Or you could buy a space video or image, post in on your social media, link to an article on astronomy or space exploration… and be the force for change. Ignite the spark of wonder and intrigue in one young mind, that might one day become the flames of discovery and exploration that ensures the future of mankind.

No need to buy one of my items though, just search for ‘space’ or ‘astronomy’ and you’re good to go! The human race will look back on this moment and thank you for it. They may even sing songs about you, as they sit on Terra Nova, orbiting the distant G-type main sequence star that they have named Ivan30 in your honour.