10 days pending approval. Is there communication between envato support and reviewers.

Hi to everyone. Before anyone take this the wrong way i like to make clear. This is not complain. I just want to understand the reason behind this.

10 days ago i did upload my new design for revision. As normal some time reviews take a little longer but i am fine with that. Giving myself 10 days in advance i was happy to wait.

Day 7 i check my dashboard and under my item was message ‘there is error with your item, please contact support team’ or something similar. I did contact the support and after one day they come back to me wit apology and explanation of the issue. So here is the reply: I heard back from the Quality Team and it seems like there was a database migration done a few days ago and some items got stuck. Please delete the item from the queue and re-upload it. Also, please leave a not to Reviewer field saying you’re re-uploading because of an error. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Absolutely fine with that. Thing happened some time. So i did upload again and to be honest i was expecting to have results by now. However after 2 days and almost day 3 gone my item still pending.

So as i mention this is not complain. Is simply me trying to understand is there any communication between envato and reviewers so they know of issues such as this one. How we can avoid such a long period of reviewing specially in cases as this one. In my case the reviewer did his job and because of error in the system i have to wait more now. But is the people who review our items was updated by envato about possible errors such as this one.

Back to you now. I love to hear some explanation. Many times i see people blame the reviewer but in this case i think they are let down by the system. So what we can do as authors? Is there way to improve that?


hi, i understand what u are trying to explain but let’s face it they put u back in the beginning of the queue which basically means that u will have to wait for 6 or 7 days before having your item review again …

This is not good. I presume St.Patrick’s Day profit is gone over the window :frowning:

I don’t really know the exact setup of the review process, but I would assume that, even though the reviewers may be a rag-tag band of clandestine mercenaries, spread across the globe… there will probably be someone who heads up the reviewers for one marketplace, and then there will be someone who heads up the people who head up the review teams for the entire marketplace. They’re likely to be a full time employee of Envato and they’ll be in regular contact with other teams within Envato… and it will be that person’s responsibility to communicate important issues to their teams.

Unfortunately, that would be unlikely to help you though. Fixing the issue and then making people upload the item again (as if it were a new item), is considerably easier than trying to pick out items that might have been affected and reviewing them first. That could get messy. It’s a shame, but it sounds like the problem has been fixed, normal service has resumed and your item is back in the queue ready to be approved and become a top-seller!

I could be wrong. For all I know, the review team might be a squadron of highly trained dolphins, sealed in an off the grid tank close to the Earth’s core… being forced to review items for sardines by an evil blue whale overlord; oblivious to what is happening back at the Envato compound.

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Thanks for this cool comment. You are probably right is easier to upload again but i am sure something can be done to push items forward. Any way i have to wait, no other choice.
Wonder if this time will be approved or rejected. This will be fun :slight_smile:

I guess there’s no harm in dropping an email to support, explaining the situation and seeing if they can do anything. Unlikely it will help, but seeing the delay is no fault of your own, it’s worth a go. And if it’s a St.Patrick Day item that could help. Get it live sooner rather than later to maximize on sales potential etc etc.

Jobe done. I did send email and also tweet the help team. Let’s see now how long or what they have to say.