1 stars rating


The rating system is driving me crazy. For example 10 customers are buying the same product, 9 of them are happy but they don’t rate they don’t care since they have a working product. There is one client that dose’t like something or “I’ve bought the product from mistake” this is more common now and they ask for a refund if you don’t offer one they are in a hurry to trash the product and give you 1 star. I think from 10 refunds 9 are related to “It was a mistake purchase”, how do I know the client is honest, this is software not socks that if you don’t like you can return it. If I do offer a refund to those who say that it was a mistake purchase I bet they will still use the product and some of them even ask for support …

The refund feature is is abused on envato this is what I’ve noticed.


It’s impossible to have a mistake purchase as nobody is spending their money before trying a live demo and making sure that’s what they really want. All of the stock items are cheap and so are people purchasing on this market, so they do not even give away their pocket change lightly or by mistake, ever.


You don’t have to worry about that type of false bad reviews. Simply contact the Envato Help team, and if your review is truly a false 1 star(for a false reason), the help team will remove the review for you.