1 month subscription, buying assets ahead of time


imagine I have clients booked for 2-3 months ahead so I do actually know what I am going to need for the upcoming project. If I pay for 1 month subscription for example in Januray, I will get all the assets I need for the projects in Januray and also register them for those projects in January. Is this ok in regards to your terms of use? I might be working on the project in February and deliver them possibly in March … will that be ok?


No it is not.

You need to be subscribed when the project is completed. Otherwise, there will be people who just stockpile hundreds of items ‘for projects that are coming up’

Well as you need to registred them they do really need to ‘‘come up’’. You cant stockpile just anything thus I thought that is the point of the whole registering stuff.

Ok but thanks for the answer anyway.