1 license key per domain name

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you are a very welcoming community
you help a lot i hope i help back


a question come to my mind ,
when the item that i may sell is a full application - nothing is easy to change expect with updates i make - can i in this situation put something like : made by mywebsite , and make impossible to remove ?
or put in the bottom powered by mywebsite ?

You can include that info but it has to be editable without being intentionally made difficult to do so


i think there is no shame to make it hard to delete made by me from my items . you said i should not do an activation based on domaine name i said ok , you said i should not make an activation based OAuth with codecanyon to verify that the one who made the purchase is the on who use it , i said ok

but with all this it will be more than easy to someone to resell the same item in a website
there is no proof he dont own it
so at least putting something like made by me and make hard to remove will be for protecting copyrights

i can mabye show : made by me only to the admin when he log in
what do you think ?
an why your rules does not protect copyrights at all

Wondering which update system/script do you use? Is it something available at codecanyon?


I have this problem, I purchased the wordpress plugin contentmanager, for one domain, then i changed the name of my site, and I nedded to purchase a second license, and I did itā€¦, now I change agian the name of my siteā€¦ and the license is hooked with the domain nameā€¦ is not fare to purchase again the plug inā€¦, i need to tranfer the registration of my license to the new domain nameā€¦, another company in India, when we need to change the domain name on his license, I need only to send the new domain name, and he replace the name on his servers, with the same license numberā€¦, so the same license number now is updated for the new domain nameā€¦ why you can not do the sameā€¦ is not fare to purchase agian for the third time a new license because I changed the name of my domainā€¦, you supose to have a suport email that I can just send my request to chance the domain name on my license, and you just update the informantions on your serversā€¦

Hi @danieldoprado,

Please contact the author of your WordPress plugin. The domain name restrictions on your purchase code is handled by them, not Envato. If you donā€™t know how to contact them, please see this Help article: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039054-How-to-contact-an-author

They should be able to update the domain name or free the license for you.


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