1-Click Upsell for Woocommerce?

I’m looking for a WC plugin that can do 1-click upsell, particularly

  1. be able to collect user payment information CC and verify that it’s accurate (i.e. via Stripe)
  2. be able to redirect to upsell pages (more than 1) , not show a JS popup as I’d like to control visuals… with ability to add to cart dynamically
  3. is user bounces or doesn’t go through entire flow, should charge CC (as some kinda cron job)

Does such plugin exist?

Hi there!

Don’t know if you can find a perfect plugin for your situation but I’m sure you can find plugins on CodeCanyon - WooCommerce Plugins.

Or you can hire some developer from Envato Studio to help you out on this.


You might be interested in the solution we built for WooCommerce. Our product lets you offer unlimiited one click upsells and downsells. I have some videos in the link below that show it in action. If you have any questions reach out to me at chris [at] woocurce [dot] com


We have a perfect plugin to solve your problem.
It has benefits like increase your sales, customer Life Time Value, increase your Average Order Value per customer and many more.
Ultimately resulting in profits in business.

Woocommerce One Click Upsell by MakeWebBetter

Hope, you like it, let us know your thoughts after using it


You might want to check out UpStroke One Click Upsells by BuildWooFunnels.com. It does all of the things you mentioned:

  • It’s compatible with all the native WooCommerce payment gateways i.e. Stripe, PayPal (with ref transactions), Braintree, Authorize .net, COD, Bank transfers.

  • It directs your buyers to separate upsell offer pages. You can add as many upsell and downsell offers as you need.

  • It first secures the initial purchase and then secures the subsequent purchases through upsell and downsell offers.

Explore more (+ see it in action) here: https://buildwoofunnels.com/woocommerce-one-click-upsells-upstroke/

It’s got in-built Customizer to help you design upsell offer pages in minutes and rule builder to trigger your one click upsell funnel based on the conditions you set.

If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us at hello (at) buildwoofunnels.com