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He there!

What do you do with tracks with 0 sales?
Deleting? Leaving with 0 sales?


A few things that you can do:

Promote the item on other sites such as Soundcloud and Youtube etc
Change the price…either go low or go high.
Rework the track, maybe offering more edits (short sting versions etc)
Put it with some similar themed tracks into a Pack and offer at a discount.
Put it as your featured item on your front page.
Rework the Tags and description.
Check that it is in the most appropriate category.
Cut the track right down and turn it into an intro or ident type thing.
Just wait and be patient.

Those are the approaches I have taken and apart from only a small number of tracks… nearly all mine have got at least a sale…it’s also worth noting that even tracks with only one or two sales might have gotten higher licenses and thus more money…I have some like that, that look like a sad affair with only one sale but actually brought in top dollar…so being patient can pay off :slight_smile:

You have similar sales to me in a much shorter time frame so I don’t expect my advice is exactly spectacular but there you go anyway…

Good luck!


All tracks have 0 sales at some point.

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Definitely try lowering the price. I did it for an old track and now it’s selling, after months of gathering virtual dust.

If they are approved, curators think that they are good music for sale… maybe not now, but you never know …
maybe these tracks are not sold for now, but to have a big and nice portfolio attracts the attention of potential customers. :smiley:
Keep them into your list… :wink:
good luck!

Good advice list! I had not even thought before of giving a second chance to some of my 0 sellers by putting them among packs with similar items, but better sellers. Thank you for the idea! :slight_smile:

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